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SONATAS for GUITAR (1CD, 53' 33'')

Sonatas are a musical form infrequently used throughout our century. Indeed, sonatas written for an instrument such as the guitar are scarcer still. This CD brings four such pieces together, a repertoire to which, in addition, we are able to draft in Spain's finest class or musician, Oscar Esplá. Sonatas by Esplá, Brouwer and Bardwell in the first recording. Sonata by William Bardwell dedicated to Ignacio Rodes.

Oscar Esplá. Tempo di Sonata
Leo Brouwer. Sonata
1. Fandangos y Boleros
2. Sarabanda de Scriabin
3. La Toccata de Pasquini
William Bardwell. Sonata
2. Romanza
3.Tema y Variaciones
Alberto Ginastera. Sonata Op.47
1. Esordio
2. Scherzo
3. Canto
4. Finale


This recording recreates a period that begins at the very end the 19th centruy, and culminates in the first half of the 20th century, with the composers related to the Generation of 1927.
Although cultural treds and ideas have a decisive influence on all atistic activity, the relationship between musical creativity and the social and cultural context, in which it evolves, is more subtle and less direct. That link is best expressed in Spain through the evolution of an instrument such as the guitar, which has in itself the essence of our culture and encapsulates the true Spanish spirit.
The complexity of criteria concerning the Generation of 1998, bestows greater relevance upon the idea of a "spirit" of 1998, with its regenerative trends and modernist approaches and as an adequate framework to contemplate the very different aesthetic proposals which merged together at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.
The Generation of 27 comprised a remarkable group of artists born in Spain around 1900 and whose careers began in the 1920s and 30s. To this generation, the guitar was an inspiration for musical creativity and poetry in addition to being one of the symbols aroud which Juan Gris and Picasso developed cubism.
During this period, one of the most brillant in the history of our culture, the guitar came to be considered an ideal vehicle to convey the stylised expression of the Spanish character.

CD 1 (48' 03'') CD 2 (63' 59'')
Francisco Tárrega
Capricho Arabe

Miguel Llobet
Tres canciones populares catalanas
El testament d`Amelia
Cançó del lladre
El noi de la mare

Manuel de Falla
(pour le tombeau de Claude Debussy)

Joaquín Turina
Homenaje a Tárrega
Fantasía Sevillana

Oscar Esplá
Dos impresiones levantinas
II. Andante
V. Andante
Tempo di Sonata

Julián Bautista
Preludio y Danza

Salvador Bacarisse

Vicente Asencio
Tango de la Casada Infiel
(Homenaje a Federico García Lorca)
Col.lectici Íntim
La Serenor
La Joia
La Calma
La Gaubança
La Frisança

Roberto Gerhard

Ernesto Halffter
Concierto para guitarra y orquesta
Fantasía alla madrigalesca
Villanella tamburina
English Chamber Orchestra
Edmon Colomer